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First flight 1994

The AN-70 is designed to transport vehicles, soldiers, cargoes weighing up to 47 tons (including large-size cargo) for aerial delivery of cargoes, materiel and paratroopers. The AN-70 can be operated from poorly-prepared short unpaved airfields 600 to 800 m long, has high fuel efficiency combined with high cruising speed, can be operated under all weather conditions, at all latitudes, by day and at night. The AN-70 is capable of being operated autonomously, in isolation from the home airfield, and can be used as a refueler, ambulance, patrol airplane, etc.


Main characteristics

Length (m) 40,65
Height (m) 16,4
Wing span (m) 44,06

Flight characteristics

Cruise speed (km/h) 700-750
Operational range with cargo 35 tons (km) 5100
Maximum ceiling (m) 12000


23th of July 1984 Enactment of the Council of Ministers of the USSR No. 797-173 concerning construction of the AN-70 was published.
24th of November 1994 the AN-70 airplane (S/N 01-01) was rolled out of the assembly shop.
16th of December 1994 the AN-70 made the first flight (Sergii Maksimov – captain, Volodymyr Lysenko – co-pilot, Volodymyr Nepochatyh – navigator, Pavel Skotnikov – flight engineer, Andrii Kostrykin – radio operator, Mykhaylo Bereziuk – leading flight test engineer).
26th of December 1996 the AN-70 (S/N 01-02) was rolled out of the final assembly shop.
24th April 1997 the second AN-70 prototype(S/N 01-02) made the first flight (Oleksandr Galunenko – captain, A. Andronov – co-pilot (test pilot of Research Institute of Air Force), Volodymyr Soroka – test navigator, Volodymyr Chepel – test flight engineer, Igor Minaiev – test radio operator, Anatolii Zagumennyi – leading test engineer).
24th of August 2001 AN-70, AN-124-100, AN-225 and AN-140 airplanes took part in the air display on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the independence of Ukraine.
10th of November 2003 the world record was set on the An-70: the maximum weight of 55,000 kg was lifted to an altitude of 2,000 m.
11th of June 2014 the decision of the Minister of Defense of Ukraine approved the State Joint Test of the An-70 No.01-02 aircraft
13th of January 2015 the Minister of Defense of Ukraine signed the order on acceptance of the AN-70 short takeoff and landing medium military transport airplane for service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


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