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First flight 1997

The AN-140 is an airplane intended for passenger and mixed cargo-passenger transportations. In the passenger version the AN-140 carries 52 passengers over a distance of 2100 km with a cruising speed of 520-575 km/h. The AN-140 can be based on poorly-equipped runways in a wide range of aerodrome elevations and climatic conditions; it can be based autonomously, off base aerodrome. The AN-140 has a high level of efficiency in service. It can be equipped with different types of engines and avionics.


Main characteristics

Length (m) 22.60
Height (m) 8.23
Wing span (m) 25.50

Flight characteristics

Cruise speed (km/h) 460-540
Operational range (km) 1380
Operational ceiling (m) 7600


15th of March 1994 Requirements Specifications for the AN-140 new 50-seat turboprop airplane are approved.
December 1995 contract is signed for transfer of technologies and setting up a design bureau at the HESA manufacturing facility (Shahin-Shahr, Iran), training of HESA specialists and joint manufacturing of the AN-140 .
9th of August 1996 official representative office of the Design Bureau is established at the HESA facility.
6th of June 1997 first AN-140 rolls out of the assembly shop.
1997 preparation for series manufacturing of the AN-140 starts at the Samara aircraft manufacturing facility.
26th of December 1997 the AN-140 prototype airplane (S/N 01-03) makes its first flight (Y.A. Galunenko – captain, А.K. Khrustitskyi – co-pilot, A.S. Makiyan – leading flight test engineer).
11th of October 1999 first production AN-140 takes off from the aerodrome of Kharkiv aircraft manufacturing company.
12th of January 2000 the AN-140 makes its 1000-th flight.
22nd of April 2000 ANTONOV ASTC is issued type certificates for the new regional passenger airplane – models AN-140 and AN-140-100.
7th of February 2001 the first airplane manufactured in Iran (IrAN-140) flies.
2nd of August 2005 first production AN-140 manufactured by AVIACOR JSC Samara aircraft manufacturing facility (Russia) takes off.


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